Multicard's Photo ID, access control, smart cards and web-based products give enterprises of all sizes the ability to identify employees, contractors, visitors and even assets while also controlling access to its facilities. We provide support to the specific needs of many corporate markets including: banks, credit unions, health clubs, YMCAs, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, loyalty programs, business offices and more.

Multicard specializes in:
  • Large & Small-Scale Credential Solutions
  • Physical Access Control
  • Logical Access Control
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Web-Based Solutions (Identification/ Credentialing/ Visitor Management)
  • Reporting Functionality

Have questions about our enterprise and small business system solutions? Contact us today at or call us at 1-888-383-6083.

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Electronic Security

Increase security and lower costs with an access control system from Multicard. Integrate CCTV and DVR with remote viewing and control of your cameras.

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Financial Instant Issuance

Multicard's solutions for the financial sector can handle the banking industry's strict requirements and regulations. From EMV compliant fulfillment, to instant in-house issuance of financial cards, Multicard will help you build a customized solution to meet your needs.

Are you ready for the shift to EMV?

The US market is moving to EMV chip technology on financial cards. EMV chip technology helps to reduce card fraud in a card–present environment, provides interoperability with global issuers, and enables safer and smarter transactions.

The liability shift change date in 2015 and the implementation date for the fuel industry in 2020 means that now is the time to plan and implement the upgrade to chip card technology.


Multicard can help you with your life cycle financial card program:

  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • EMV Chip Card Design
  • Secure Fulfillment Facilities
  • Order Processing
  • Cycle Planning


Additionally, Multicard can help with your organization's needs for employee photo ID, visitor management, logical and physical security, surveillance, and more.

Have questions about our financial system solutions? Contact us today at or call us at 1-888-383-6083.

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Multicard also offers state-of-the-art Access Control solutions and CCTV/DVR to handle all of your electronic security needs. Multicard is a growing presence in the gaming and entertainment industry, offering a wide variety of solutions to fit most casinos' needs. From point solutions to quickly and simply enroll slot players to printing cash-out tickets and wristbands for events, Multicard's SmartReg software creates an easy, seamless process to streamline the enrollment process with a single card swipe or scan. The information is then automatically deposited into enrollment or registration forms, populating pure machine-readable data into your system to standardize all of your data entry.

Multicard also offers state-of-the-art Access Control solutions and CCTV/DVR to handle the electronic security needs of casino's and other gaming environments.



Multicard specializes in:
  • Electronic Registration
  • Electronic Security
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Gaming License Issuance
  • Player Club Cards Issuance
  • VIP Card Issuance
  • Employee Identification
  • Logical Access


Have questions about our gaming and casino system solutions? Contact us today at or call us at 1-888-383-6083.

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To succeed in today's competitive healthcare environment, you need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and implement a strong plan for HIPAA/JCAHO compliance.

We can help you achieve all of these objectives. Multicard Healthcare Solutions make patient- provider interactions more satisfying for consumers - and more efficient, secure and profitable for you. Our modular solutions leverage technologies such as digital imaging, magnetic stripes, bar codes, the Internet - even smart cards with biometrics and two-factor authentication - to let you more efficiently manage your patient and staff identification, provider authentication, membership and forms management functions at a lower cost. They also help safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases, and open a clear migration path to technologies you will need to comply with HIPAA/JCAHO.

Multicard specializes in:
  • Positive Patient Identification
  • Electronic Security
  • Medical Tracking
  • Bar-coded Wristband/ Label Issuance
  • Wireless Mobile Solutions
  • Bedside Registration
  • Loyalty Programs

Have questions about our healthcare system solutions? Contact us today at or call us at 1-888-383-6083.

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Multicard photo ID systems can make your building more secure and efficient. We offer issuance systems with integration capabilities to create ready-to-use credentials.

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Identification Management

Multicard offers a variety of hardware and software solutions to meet your organization's identification management needs. Whether you need a standalone visitor solution, or a fully integrated employee ID and access control solution, Multicard can provide you with everything from individual components to complete enterprise wide solutions. Below is a list of some of the BadgePass™ modules we offer that can work independently or combined together to fulfill your exact requirements.





BadgesPass™ Identity Manager Software

BadgePass is an Integrated Security Suite that will revolutionize the way you think of secure identity! It provides for a single point of enrollment, badge issuance and identity management across multiple applications. The provided synchronization tools and powerful event notification service allow for real-time or scheduled messaging and cross-platform communication, creating a world where one identity works with many applications.

Best of all, its modular design allows for easy integration and expandability in one centralized location. Enhance your security program by simply adding BadgePass modules as your identification needs evolve.


BadgePass™ Access Control Software

Controlling the flow of people into and out of a building can be a daunting task for any organization. Many times organizations will relax security policies to provide an easier management interface, in turn creating serious security risks to the organization.

BadgePass Access Control simplifies the process of managing access while creating a more secure workflow. The BadgePass Secure Identity Platform provides real-time messaging and cross-platform communication thereby eliminating the need to manage and maintain a separate access control database. With BadgePass Access Control, secure credentials are issued and facility access is controlled in one easy to use, integrated process.


BadgePass™ Visitor Manager Software

Visitors pose the greatest security threat to organizations. In many cases, visitors are allowed to freely walk the halls unchallenged. Without strong identification policies for visitors, employees are often hesitant to question and unidentified person, creating serious security risks to the organization.

The BadgePass Secure Identity Platform provides real-time messaging and cross-platform communication thereby eliminating the need to manage and maintain a separate visitor database. With BadgePass Visitor Manager, visitors are identified, logged and badges are created with a simple three-step process.


BadgePass™ Surveillance Software

Keeping an eye on your facility is no easy task. BadgePass Video Surveillance brings you the latest in IP camera technology to ensure that no event goes unnoticed. With BadgePass, unlimited users can view live and recorded video simultaneously from multiple locations in a single display. Best of all, you don't even have to be onsite to do it - access video via the server, web browser or smart phone!

BadgePass Video Surveillance is designed to be simple and intuitive - it requires little to no end-user training. From easy-to-navigate facility maps to straight forward file sharing and exporting, BadgePass has it covered. With support for over 300 camera models from 30 manufacturers, monitoring your facility has never been easier.


Have questions about our identification management solutions? Contact us today at or call us at 1-888-383-6083.

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Professional Services

From pre-sales consultation to on-site installation, customer training to ongoing maintenance, we offer professional and responsive services to all of our customers. At Multicard, we understand that to meet your needs we have to be available and ready to answer questions, offer solutions and provide support.

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Multicard offers over-the-counter and integrated software solutions for personnel, asset and incident management, with products ranging from simple employee badges to integrated access control cards to government compliant security credentials to mobile issuance systems for first responders.

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Multicard offers a variety of standalone and integrated solutions for a wide range of markets including government, education, gaming, healthcare and corporate entities, as well as ID management and consulting services.

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Multicard is a full-service identification and security integrator in the Rocky Mountains and Southwestern US. We design, build, install and support open standards-based ID systems using a range of ID applications and technology options. We offer solutions for Credentialing, Electronic Security, Patient ID, Logical Access and Advanced Two-Factor Authentication, Event Tracking, Mobile Badging, Visitor Management, and more.

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